The FAQs for the teen driver education program at Green Light Driving Academy follow the guidelines and requirements for Teen Driver Education from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and only pertain to the way that Green Light Driving Academy has adopted these requirements. For more information about the official state guidelines – refer to these sites:


What does the program at Green Light Driving Academy provide for my teen?

Green Light Driving Academy offers a state-approved driver education course for teenagers that is held in two phases.

  • Phase I: 32 hours of classroom instruction (16 days, 2 hours per day) 
  • September – May: classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday for 4 Weeks
  • June – August: classes are scheduled Monday through Friday for 3 weeks, but include ONE Saturday class.

NOTE: There may be other times during the year when a 3-week schedule will be used, for example around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

  • Phase II: 14 hours of in-car (behind-the-wheel) instruction (7 lessons, 2 hours per lesson) (“drive lessons" or "drive times”)
  • The in-car instruction includes 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 7 hours of observation of another student driving. The in-car instruction is scheduled as 2-hour drive periods so that the student can get one hour of driving and one hour of observation in one drive session.
  • The in-car instruction is more flexible and can be scheduled around the student's other activities and the driving school's available drive time hours. Once the student has possession of their permit AND they have completed the classroom schedule of instruction, they can schedule their drive sessions through our on-line scheduling system, Schedule 2 Drive. The student must schedule ALL drive times on-line at www.Schedule2Drive.com.
  • The state of Texas also requires parents to drive and log a minimum of 30 hours with their student. These hours can be entered and tracked in the online program, Schedule 2 Drive

If I want to take the parent-taught program for the classroom instruction or the driving instruction – do you offer a program where I can take only the classroom or the driving with your school?

Yes, we do offer a CLASSROOM ONLY and DRIVING ONLY program at Green Light Driving Academy.

Please contact the office for information about the either of these two programs.

Grapevine:  817-310-0193

Coppell: 469-549-0002

Roanoke, Boyd:  817-491-1700

How much does the program at Green Light Driving Academy cost?

Please refer to our course fees here:  http://www.greenlightdrivingacademy.com/enroll

A 3% convenience fee applies to ALL (online & in person) credit & debit card transactions.

Our complete fee list is provided here:  Fees List

If you have any questions regarding our fees, please call the appropriate office.

Grapevine: 817-310-0193

Coppell: 469-549-0002

Roanoke, Boyd:  817-491-1700

What types of payments does GLDA accept?

1. Cash - (online registration not available with a cash payment)

2. Check - (online registration not available with payment by check)

3. Credit Card or Debit Card - A 3% convenience fee applies to ALL (online & in person) credit & debit card transactions.

4.  We also offer a payment plan for paying the balance of the tuition over a defined period.  Please refer to our payment plan options here:  PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS

(Convenience fees (i.e. credit card fees) are not refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS)

GLDA DOES NOT accept money orders, traveler's checks, or third party checks as a form of payment.

What is DADAP?

As part of our teen driving curriculum, we have incorporated a new, State approved course that covers Drug and Alcohol use and how it affects driving.

This program is commonly referred to as the “Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program” or DADAP.

Days 10, 11 and 12 of the class curriculum are the days of class where we cover this topic.

We feel that this course is be beneficial to all students in raising their awareness of drug and alcohol related driving issues and provide the knowledge that will help them be better drivers.

A certificate will be issued to the student when they have completed the full driver education course at Green Light Driving Academy (classroom and driving instruction).  This certificate could allow an additional 5% discount for students on their auto insurance. Check with your auto insurance provider for availability of the discount.

More information about DADAP will be provided during our parent orientation class.  Check with your auto insurance provider for availability of the discount.


What is the Parent Logged Driving Instruction required for all teen driving students?

Texas state law requires that Parents drive and record driving instruction with their teens.  As of September 1, 2013, the parents must drive and log a minimum of 30 hours of driving with their students.  10 of those hours must be driven at night.

More information about the Parent Logged Driving instruction along with a guide for this instruction can be found here:

Behind-the-Wheel Guide for Parents

How do I find out what classes are available and how do I register for the classes?

Registration can be done on-line through this website or completed by going into one of the office locations and registering in person.

You must register in person if you wish to pay the tuition in cash, with a check, make a partial payment, set up a payment plan or use any of our discounts or gift certificates not offered through the website.

At our satellite location in Boyd, we also offer several on-campus registration dates during the school year.  Refer to our Announcement page regarding these dates.

Can I miss any of the classroom instruction and still complete it within the class session schedule?

The state of Texas requires that a student attend all 32 hours of classroom instruction.

A student may miss up to 5 of the scheduled classes in their session and complete the course with the scheduled session. The classes missed must be made up however within one year of starting the course. If a student misses 6 or more classes, they will be removed from that class and will need to be placed in another class (as space is available) where they can complete their class work. There is a transfer fee of $50.00 required to transfer to this new classroom session.

Please refer to more information about our make-up policy here:  MAKE-UP

What is the weather cancelation policy at GLDA?


How long does a student have to complete the in-car instruction phase of the course?

The in-car instruction cannot be started until the student has completed their scheduled classroom session and must be completed ONE YEAR from the day that the student started their classroom session.

If a student has missed 5 or less classes, they can begin their in-car instruction once their classroom session is complete. Students that have missed 6 or more classes must complete their classes before starting the in-car instruction (refer to our Make-up Policy above).

What if my teen's contract is about to expire?

A contract extension my be purchased before the contract expires.

Cost of extension:

2 weeks = $50

30 days = $75

90 day = $125


Is a teenager required to complete a driver education course before receiving their driver’s license?

Yes. Texas state law requires persons less than 18 years of age to successfully complete an approved driver education course before they are eligible to receive a driver’s license.

NOTE: If a student is already 18, they do not have to take the complete course as described above.

If a student starts the driver education course before they are 18 years of age, they MUST complete the course in order to get their drivers license OR they must start over with the over 18 course which is a 6-hour on-line course that prepares them for taking the permit test and this is offered by Green Light Driving Academy on-line through I AM ROAD READY.

At what age can a student enroll in a driver education class?

The state of Texas allows a student to begin driver education class at age 14, however, we STRONGLY recommend that the student turn 15 within 3 months (90 days) of starting the class.

Our contract is set up for one year and begins on the day they start their classroom instruction.  It will expire one year later.  This is the maximum time the state allows for a driver education contract.  If your student cannot complete all of the classroom and driving instruction before the deadline, the contract will be terminated unless an extension is paid for. 

When does a student get their learner’s permit?

A student is not allowed to apply for a learner’s permit until they are at least 15 years of age and they have completed at least Six (6) instruction hours of a driver education classroom program administered by the school and passed the state-approved permit tests.

Green Light Driving Academy has structured its curriculum so that the permit tests are given during the first week of classroom instruction. The student will be given a certificate indicating that they have completed the first 6 hours of class and has passed the permit test.  If the student is 15 years of age,this certificate can be taken to the DPS along with other documentation to get the student’s permit.

If the student has not reached age 15, they must wait until that time to go to the DPS to get the permit.

What is the necessary documentation required to apply for a learner’s permit?

The state requires that the following items be provided along with verification of passing the learner’s permit test.

We do not gather or take documents to the DPS to get the permit for the student.

GLDA will provide a certificate (form DE-964) to the student after they have completed the first 6 hours of class and have passed the written tests. This certificate along with the following items can be taken to the DPS to get the permit at your earliest convenience. NOTE: A parent must take the student to the DPS to have this taken care of.

  • Form DE-964 – Showing that the student has completed the first 6 hours of class and has passed the written permit tests (this form will be provided by Green Light Driving Academy during the first week of class)
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy) **
  • Social Security Card (original card) **
  • Verification of Enrollment form (TEA form) from student’s school **
  • DL-14A – Application for Driver’s License (form provided by Green Light Driving Academy)
  • $16.00 permit processing fee (subject to change by the Texas DPS)
  • Verification of Texas Residency
  • Student will be given a vision test at the DPS

** If not available, substitutions can be provided. For more information about substitutions, please refer to the Texas Department of Public Safety website for allowable documentation:

Identification Documents Allowed

PLEASE NOTE: If your student is not a U.S. citizen, additional documentation may be required to obtain the learner’s permit.

I have my permit, when can I start the driving portion of the driver education course?

Students will not be able to start the driving portion of the driver education course until they have completed the classroom instruction, however they may begin driving with an insured, licensed driver (over age 21) in the front seat of the car as soon as they have possession of their permit.

How old does a teen need to be before they receive a Texas driver’s license?

A teen must be at least 15 years of age to receive an INSTRUCTION PERMIT also called a LEARNER’S PERMIT or DRIVING PERMIT.

After completing an approved driver education course, a teen must be at least 16 years of age before receiving a provisional driver’s license.

Texas does allow the issuance of a hardship license. Application for a hardship license is handled through the Texas Department of Public Safety AFTER the student has completed the driver education course.

What is a provisional driver’s license?

The state of Texas instituted a graduated driver's license program in January 2002. It creates two phases of driving requirements for minors under age 18.

Phase 1 requires that a minor under age 18 must hold their learner's permit for six months before applying for provisional license. During the time the minor has the learner's permit; they can only drive with an insured, licensed driver over the age of 21 in the front seat of the car.

After the six months have passed and the minor has reached age 16, and they have completed a state approved driver education course, they can get a provisional license (issued for one year) with restrictions. This is Phase II.

As of September 1, 2013 - any teen getting their drivers license will have restrictions placed on their license that are applicable until they are 18 years of age:

These restrictions are:

  • Cannot have more than one passenger under the age 21 in the car who is not an immediate family member
  • Cannot operate a vehicle after midnight or before 5 a.m., unless driving is necessary for employment, school or a school-related activity or a medical emergency.
  • Cannot use a wireless communication (cell phone, any mobile communication device which includes Blue Tooth, Hands Free, etc) device while driving, except in the case of an emergency.

The above restrictions do not apply if the provisional license holder is accompanied by a license operator age 21 or older.

After Phase II has been completed, the driver is issued a full license with none of the above restrictions.

Does Texas still allow hardship licenses?

Yes, however a teen must still complete an approved driver education course. After completion, the teen and parent may apply for a hardship license at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

I lost my permit – can Green Light Driving Academy get another for me?

No, Green Light Driving Academy cannot do this for you. You must go to the Texas DPS to obtain another copy of your permit. Your information is in their computer system, so all you need to do it provide identification (Social Security Card and Birth Certificate are best) and they will issue a duplicate copy. The cost is $10.00.

You must have a VALID permit with you to take a drive lesson. Any student that does not have a VALID permit in readable condition when they come for a scheduled drive time, will not be allowed to drive or observe and will be charged a $50.00 fee, just as if they did not show up or if they cancelled less than 24 hours. This is not a Green Light Driving Academy rule, but a rule from the Texas Education Agency and the State of Texas.

I completed the course, but I’ve lost the completion certificate (DE-964) that Green Light Driving Academy provided to me. What do I do?

Please contact Green Light Driving Academy for a duplicate original copy. The cost for preparing this duplicate copy is $20.00. We do not charge to make a photocopy if needed for insurance purposes, but to use the DE-964 to get the license, it must be an original.

Is it true that I can get a discount on my automobile insurance if I successfully complete the course at Green Light Driving Academy?

Yes, most insurance companies do provide a discount on automobile insurance for successfully completing an approved driver education course; however it is best to consult with your agent to confirm this.

Can my student take more driving time than the amount of time required by the state in conjunction with the course?

Yes, please contact the school office for information about this service.

Grapevine: 817-310-0193

Coppell: 469-549-0002

Roanoke, Boyd:  817-491-1700