Make-up Class - Policy and Information


Students needing to make up a classroom session, please follow steps below:


Notification of make-up class date & time is REQUIRED by contact form, email or phone call.  


If make-up class request has not been submited, GLDA can not guarantee the student will be placed on the make-up roster and allowed to attend the make-up session.  


We will confirm via email within 48 business hours that we have received your request & have added your student to our make-up roster.



STEP 1 Confirm the days missed.


  • If the student has their permit & has completed the regular classroom session, the missed class dates will be shown on the student’s profile on “Schedule 2 Drive” (the drive time scheduling system) This information will be updated within a week AFTER the student has finished the classroom session.
  • If the student does NOT have the learner's permit & cannot log into Schedule 2 Drive, please contact your school location’s office for this information.
  • Please contact contact the GLDA office where your teen attended classroom sessions if there are any questions about the class days missed or a discrepancy after this information is posted.




After confirming the class days missed, click on the appropriate link below  to review the sessions available  for make-up dates.










Schedule subject to change. Registration for make-up classes required for notification of any & all schedule changes that may arise.


STEP 3:  


PLEASE NOTE: Notification of make-up class date & time is REQUIRED by contact form, email or phone call.



Submit requested make-up day(s), using the email form available on the page through the links above.  Note:  If there are multiple days to make-up, the student does not have to attend these days in succession, in order or even during the same time slot however, if the student missed Day 16 in addition to other days, we recommend that they take this class last since it involves a final exam as part of the class work.


Please provide the following information in the email:

  • The location they are enrolled at (Grapevine, Coppell, Roanoke or Boyd)
  • The Class Day being made up (i.e. Day 6)
  • The date and time chosen



  • If you have not heard from us within 48 business hours after sending your email or calling with your request, please contact the office.
  • If the class that you have chosen is cancelled, we will call or email that you will need to chose a different session for this make-up class.


If a student attends the wrong classroom date for make-up, the student will not be allowed to attend the class. For Example: If a student misses day 10, day 10 MUST be made up. 




Student attends the scheduled classroom session and participates in any and all classroom activities.  Please have the student arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class and make sure that they have checked in with the instructor so that they will be counted as attending the session.  If they do not do this, we cannot guarantee that they will be credited with the make-up session.